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In September, 2005, Anna Leigh Tomalis was diagnosed with a very rare tumor called "Embryonal Sarcoma of the Liver". It is primarily a tumor found in children, although some adults are diagnosed with it too. It is so rare, that only about 10-15 children a year are diagnosed with it in the United States. The tumor was removed and Anna started chemotherapy. Many different complications ensued that kept Anna in and out of the hospital. Chemotherapy was a five day hospital stay every three weeks for nine months. Anna learned to live with hair loss, kept her hair in a bandana and made the most of everything. In spite of the chemotherapy, low blood counts, infections, weakness and fatigue, she found the energy and time to play with friends when she could. In August, 2006, Anna was diagnosed with a metastasis in her hip. Radiation, chemotherapy, and trips to an orthopedic specialist were our daily routine until January of 2007, when she was diagnosed with another metastasis - this time on her spine. More radiation, different chemotherapy, targeted drugs, other drugs to combat metastasis in bones and daily, very long, out patient visits were the norm for over six months. In between these times were multiple admissions for low blood counts, mouth sores and infections. There were no new signs of cancer until December 2007, when she was diagnosed with yet another metastasis. Surgery, radiation and chemo followed and multiple other issues. She was also diagnosed with tumors in her lung. Through all of this, Anna was filled with charm and grace, humor and kindness. She humbly accepted what had happened and what was happening to her. At the end of her treatment, Anna received an Investigational drug. While we were hopeful that the drug would work, the day she was to receive the second dose of her drug - August 15th, 2008, unexpectedly, Anna passed away.





































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